Global Serve

We are committed to sharing the gospel in both word and deed to the ends of the earth. We are doing this through projects, short-term mission trips, long-term missionaries, church planting, and strategic partnerships with global organizations. Learn more about our global initiatives and how we are working together to demonstrate Christ's love to people all over the world.

short term missions



Our mission teams work together with Minoh International Church in Osaka, Japan, to reach the people of Japan.  


Japan Mission 2019 Testimony

Japan Mission 2019 Written Testimonies


Navajo is our church's longest running mission destination. Every year since 1996, we have been sending teams to the Navajo Nation in Arizona during the summer and winter months. We have developed long-term relationships and have raised disciples among the Navajo people. 

Navajo Mission 2019 Testimony


In partnership with the Christian mission organization Yugo, teams from our church are sent to build houses in Mexico. 

Mexico Mission 2019 Testimony

Mexico Mission 2019 Written Testimonies


Itara’s goal is to make a positive and sustainable global impact by developing cross-cultural relationships, expressing our love through acts of service, and sharing our God-entrusted resources with others around the world.

Itara is a sustainable, income-generation program developed in partnership with Best Family Rwanda. Itara seeks to train Rwandan women with a marketable skill set to earn a livelihood in their domestic market, as well as bring elegant designs that incorporate Rwandan elements of style to the U.S. consumer in a transparent manner that honors both the artisan worker and our Creator.  Learn more:  

long term missions

The Yoo family has been serving as missionaries in Osaka, Japan since 2016.

church planting

The Path Community Church - A team, led by Pastor Cecil and Char Prado, was sent out from The Garden Church in 2018 to plant a church in Flagstaff, Arizona to reach out to residents of Flagstaff and the Navajo Reservation.  

The Promise Church - A team, led by Pastor Roy and Jill Shinn, was sent out from The Garden to start the Promise Church in 2009. This church is reaching out to families, singles, and students in the Riverside area.

global ALLIANCE partners

Best Family Rwanda - A ministry dedicated to making Jesus known to the orphaned and vulnerable children in Rwanda through holistic development.

His Hands on Africa - A ministry dedicated to bringing the hope of Jesus to children in Africa by providing Gospel-centered health care, and by training Christ-centered dentists through education and discipleship.

Compassion International - A child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world.

Minoh International Church reaches out to families, students, and singles near Osaka, Japan.