Servant Leadership Pathway

The Garden Church's health, impact, and effectiveness are correlated with the quality and quantity of the leaders who serve here. Leaders matter. Without many faithful, Christ-centered, sacrificial servant leaders, The Garden Church cannot be all that God has designed us to be. Therefore, intentional leadership development has been central to The Garden’s mission and culture since the very beginning. We encourage you to grow with us in serving, leading, and making an eternal difference in our church, community, and the world. The intentional pathway for servant leadership development at The Garden is outlined below. 

Step 1: Join a Community Group

Step 2: Volunteer in a Service Team

Step 3: Take Church Membership Class (1 year minimum commitment as a church member)

Step 4: Be Mentored

Step 5: Take the following classes:

Step 6: Take Leadership Training Course: Cultivate (steps 1-5 must be completed before applying for leadership training course)

Step 7: Become a Servant Leader at The Garden Church